Time, a divine concept

When we open a bottle of wine, we enter into a temporal space dimension in its cyclicality. We gather the story of the past, the expression of the present, and imagine the evolution of the future

Santiquaranta is a project that encompasses two territorial areas in the Benevento Sannio, in southern Italy:

In the Torrrecuso area for the production of Falanghina and Aglianico, considered  one of the most important locations of the wine making supply chains of the Campania region.

The community of Baselice, at the back of the Apennine Mountains and on the border between Campania and Puglia regions, where we lead the preservation and safeguard of the Baselice Muscat grape, an autochthonous type of vine currently close to extinct.

Wine is the son of Kairos, that ingenious mythological concept without time limits, during which something special occurs, and for which we act as both observers and protagonists



Santiquaranta snc  Torrecuso (BN) - Italy

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credits: pennagrafica

Time, a divine concept