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SANTIQUARANTA was born of a great passion for wine.

Santiquaranta is a project encompassing two territorial areas both in the historical Benevento Sannio region, in Southern Italy.


The Torrecuso area, one of the most important locations in the winemaking supply chain of the Campania region and home to our winery for the production of Falanghina and Aglianico.


Baselice, in the Apennine Mountains on the border of the Campania and Puglia regions, where we lead a biodiversity project to preserve and safeguard the Baselice Muscat grape; a precious, almost extinct, autochthonous vine.


Our corporate philosophy respects the principles of environmental sustainability, ensuring both protection of the territory and its biodiversity. We adhere to short value-chain programs, thereby strengthening the relationship between producer and consumer, while our corporate identity is built around the concept of TIME and its emotional bond with nature and WINE.

The spiral by the artist Elvis Rodriguez (2019)

...because words are like wine: they require breath and time in order to allow the velvet of the voice to reveal its definitive flavours.


Luis Sepulveda

founded SANTIQUARANTA in 2000, with the aim of creating a wine estate with a strong territorial identity because I have always believed that the Campania region in Southern Italy has an extraordinary wine-growing potential. From the very outset, I have focused my work on varieties native to the historical and geographical area of the Sannio.  Here, together with my family, we take great pride to work both in harmony with nature and make products that comply with all the characteristics of autochthonous vines.

Wine is a child of the fields, wine is a child of its year and these are qualities I confer to my wines.

                                                   Luca Baldino